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Date Time Topic Description Register
3-Oct-23 Designing Densely Packed LC Filters With Ansys HFSS and Modelithics Learn about how using sophisticated 3D models of components makes all the difference in lumped RF filter designs. Click here to register
4-Oct-23 9am EDT What is DEM and its Application in the Industry? Join us in this webinar to learn more about the Discrete Element Method (DEM), how this method works, and the importance of particle shapes, and check some application examples using Ansys Rocky. Click here to register
4-Oct-23 5G Communications System Digitally Engineered with Simulation Join us for a demonstration of a digital engineering framework that integrates various software tools across model-based engineering, model-based systems engineering, and modeling simulation and analysis abstractions layers. Engage your complete team to solve complex microelectronics problems in the context of a scenario. Click here to register
4-Oct-23 From Heat to Harmony: Achieving Effective Electronics Cooling Explore how Ansys Discovery breaks stereotypical simulation barriers through its unique approach that is radically easy to use and highly flexible. Click here to register
5-Oct-23 Introduction to Ansys New Digital Safety Manager Don’t miss the New Ansys Digital Safety Manager webinar. You can use the collaboration platform to work seamlessly with the entire team for all your safety cases. Click here to register
5-Oct-23 Human Factors – Controlling Reflections and Vehicle Lighting How Ansys Speos enables you to control human conditions such as interior reflections, display legibility, and the perceived quality of ambient lighting. Click here to register
5-Oct-23 11am EDT Engineering Simulation Workloads and the Rise of the Cloud In this webinar, we’ll discuss the findings of a joint survey conducted by Hyperion Research, Intel, and Ansys on how the rise in adoption of cloud based HPC resources for engineering simulation software workloads is adopted by various organizations. Click here to register
6-Oct-23 Air Systems and Subsystems: ISR Mission Development This webinar will highlight mission development, sensor system modeling, and performance assessment against mission requirements. Click here to register
10-Oct-23 Student Team Brake Disk Material Selection Register today for this webinar to learn how to optimize brake disk material selection in student design competitions. Click here to register
10-Oct-23 High Frequency Electronic Solutions for the A and D Industry Sign up for this webinar to learn about the knowledge on Ansys’ ability and technology for providing unrivaled accuracy in modeling both internal and external electromagnetic applications in real world applications. Click here to register
11-Oct-23 Helping Students Assess AM for Sustainability We’ll explore how educators can effectively teach additive concepts to engage students in the sustainable future of manufacturing in this upcoming webinar. Click here to register
12-Oct-23 Using Contrast Optimization to Optimize MTF Performance Join us to learn how OpticStudio’s Contrast Optimization capability provides an alternative method for optimizing MTF. Click here to register
17-Oct-23 How Generative AI Impacts Product Design – A C-Suite Perspective For all C-Suite executives looking to leverage generative AI , don’t miss this opportunity to leverage the untapped potential for product design. Click here to register
17-Oct-23 Designing Foundry-Compatible SiPh Components and Circuits Designing foundry-compatible silicon photonic components for high-performance photonic integrated circuits with Lumerical and Tower Semiconductors. Click here to register
17-Oct-23 Multiphysics Simulation with CFD-DEM Join us in this webinar to get updated on how to expand DEM-CFD coupling capabilities using Ansys Rocky and Fluent. Click here to register
17-Oct-23 Optimize Your Simulation with Ansys Mechanical and Ansys optiSLang Join us for this second episode of the webinar series to learn how Ansys optiSLang connects to best-in-class Ansys Simulation in the mechanical engineering discipline to achieve effective design exploration and optimization. Click here to register
17-Oct-23 Achieve Compact and Integrated Power Supply Designs in Consumer Electronics Learn how to use Ansys workflow for power supply analysis, analyze compact planar magnetic transformers and reduce conducted emissions in electronic power supplies. Click here to register
18-Oct-23 Testing Adaptive Driving Beam Headlight Systems: dSPACE and Ansys Collaboration Join us to hear about the new features of dSPACE ESI hardware and Ansys physics-based simulation technologies and how to leverage these technologies to develop and test Adaptive Headlamp Systems. Click here to register
19-Oct-23 Digital Engineering Enabled with Ansys – Wildfire Detection Learn how Ansys Minerva, ModelCenter, Systems Tool Kit (STK), and other digital engineering tools can be utilized throughout an entire wildfire detection mission design process, connecting multiple engineering workflows and teams. Click here to register
20-Oct-23 Air System of Systems: Digital Development of Airborne RF Systems This webinar will showcase these capabilities while analyzing overall system performance and assessing a communication system’s resiliency against potential interfering signals. Click here to register
26-Oct-23 Mitigating Reliability Challenges in Solar Applications Join us as we cover the major components and related reliability challenges in a typical Solar electric system including the different types of PV panels as well as associated power electronic modules (inverters). Click here to register
31-Oct-23 Multiphysics Simulation with FEA-DEM Join us in this upcoming webinar to get updated on expanding FEA-CFD coupling capabilities using Ansys Rocky and Ansys Mechanical. Click here to register

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